Various Updates to the Archive in 2021

We’ve been busy in 2021 keeping The Zuckerberg Files updated with the latest Zuckerberg posts and appearances. He’s made dozens of posts to his Facebook page this year — many of which have a more personal touch, including some of the first posts with his kids (here and here, for example). All of these are in the archive.

Other updates include:

  • Zuckerberg joined Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai in testimony before the U.S. House Hearing on “Disinformation Nation: Social Media’s Role in Promoting Extremism and Misinformation” in March 2021 (transcript/video)
  • Zuckerberg has been active in the Facebook “Dogspotting Society” group, including posts and photos about his dog Beast (here and here)
  • Zuckerberg announced his plans to develop the Facebook Metaverse during an interview with Casey Newton (transcript/audio)
  • Zuckerberg launched the virtual Horizon Workrooms during an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning (transcript/video), where he also fielded questions about COVID misinformation on Facebook (transcript/video) (transcript/video)

We’re also working on a solution to start archiving photos Zuckerberg posts to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. More on that soon…

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