Update: 2019 file uploads and legacy platform

We have two important updates.

First, we’re happy to share that a few hundred more records have been uploaded including most 2019 content. We now have nearly 1,000 transcript records and nearly 250 video files.

Second, while we recently announced a migration to a new platform, we have been experiencing some stability issues and also remain unhappy with the search functionality. To ensure users have the best experience accessing content, we are reverting to the legacy archive platform hosted at UW-Milwaukee. All records have been updated on that site and it will be the primary archive moving forward.

User accounts should be active on that platform. Please contact us with any issues obtaining access. Sorry for any inconveninece.

Published by The Zuckerberg Files

The Zuckerberg Files is a digital archive of all public utterances of Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, spanning 2004-2021. Over 1,000 full-text transcripts and 200 video files are available for researchers to download, analyze, and scrutinize.