30 New Items Added from Mark Zuckerberg’s Public Facebook Posts

We have added 30 new records to The Zuckerberg Files archive, retrieved from Mark Zuckerberg’s public Facebook posts. The majority of these new additions are individual Facebook posts by Zuckerberg, noting substantive communication related to his position as Facebook’s founder and CEO. For example, we have archived his post about the 2014 acquisition of Oculus VR, and hisContinue reading “30 New Items Added from Mark Zuckerberg’s Public Facebook Posts”

Three New Items: 2005 Stanford University, 10th Anniversary Facebook Post, 2014 Mobile World Congress

Three new items have been added to The Zuckerberg Files archive: Interview with James Breyer at Stanford University, Oct. 26, 2005  (transcript) (video) “Today is Facebook’s 10th Anniversary”, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, Feb. 2, 2014 (transcript) Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance at the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Feb. 24, 2014 (transcript) (video)

10 New Items for Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

This week, Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we’ve uploaded 10 new items to The Zuckerberg Files, including two articles from The Harvard Crimson reporting on Facebook’s first few weeks of existence in 2004. “Hundreds Register for New Facebook Website”, The Harvard Crimson, Feb 9, 2004 (transcript) “Harvard Bonds on Facebook Website”, The HarvardContinue reading “10 New Items for Facebook’s 10th Anniversary”

New Item: Interview of Mark Zuckerberg by Robert Scoble (2010)

The Zuckerberg Files has been updated to include an audio recording of an interview of Mark Zuckerberg by Robert Scoble from 2010. Scoble was joined by MG Siegler and Jason Kincaid of Techcrunch and David Gelles of the Financial Times. Facebook’s Erick Tseng, head of mobile, was also present. The transcript record is here, and the audio file is archived here.

Updated Transcript Files

To help improve the usability of The Zuckerberg Files, we’ve updated the transcripts attached to the following records: A Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg (2010 Web 2.0 Summit) D8 All Things Digital Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Lacy SXSW Interview D6 Interview With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg Mark Zuckerberg On How Facebook Became A Business

Launching The Zuckerberg Files

The Zuckerberg Files launched on Friday October 25, 2013 with a tweet and a feature in The Chronicle for Higher Education. By the following Monday, we had over 25,000 site visits, widespread news coverage (notable mentions are archived here), and numerous requests for access to the full digital collection. By all accounts, our launch hasContinue reading “Launching The Zuckerberg Files”