Accessing The Zuckerberg Files

The Zuckerberg Files is hosted on the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Digital Commons, and consists of two digital collections. The “Transcripts” collection include full-text transcriptions of all the content in the digital archive of Zuckerberg’s public statements. The “Videos” collection represents a subset of the larger collection with archived copies of available video files documenting Zuckerberg’s appearances.

The full bibliographic and metadata for The Zuckerberg Files are available to the public here, including valid URLs to the original source material. Access to the full-text transcripts and archived video files has been password-protected in adherence to the “Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Scholarly Research in Communication“, which states:

Communication scholars often make private copies of individual copyrighted works that are the objects of scholarly inquiry to enable or facilitate their research, and they sometimes maintain organized research collections of copyrighted material for an indefinite period as their research interests evolve. In this, they are doing what scholars across disciplines do: make private archival collections of primary data to refer back to as their research interests develop.

…Scholars who wish to open their collections of archived material to others should adopt policies appropriate to the medium, aimed at limiting access to scholars doing research in the relevant area and establishing appropriate limitations on the purposes to which the materials will be put.

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